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Desert Cuties Recent Updates

DesertCuties.com is filled with Amateur girl next door, and some pros. We update several times a week with exceptional photography, and video of the most beautiful babes in the Desert Southwest of the United States
  March 18, 2014

Lola Fine Pics

Feb 20, 2014
Jessica Barbie
Jessica Barbie 96 Pics

Feb 13, 2014
Brandie 142 Pics

Feb 19, 2014
Double Christmas Blowjob
Lola Fine 241 Pics

Feb 8, 2014
Double Christmas Blowjob
Scarlett Ink 243 Pics

February 2, 2014
melody foxxx
Melody Foxxx 261 Pics

January 11, 2014
Tiffany Licks pierced teen
Tiffany Licks 428 Pics

Jan 4, 2014

Milla Diamond 267 Pics

Dec 30, 2013

Athena Marie 184 Pics

Dec 21. 2013

Casey Lee 94 Pics

Updated Nov 5, 2013
Astrid sexy lingerie
Classy 87 Pics

Updated Oct 15, 2013
Astrid sexy lingerie
Classy 87 Pics

Updated September 16, 2013
Classy 87 Pics

Updated September 8, 2013
Lia Gonzalez
Lia Gonzalez 100 Pics

Updated May 24, 2013
Lesbian Threesome
Claudia Adams 146 Pics

Updated May 16, 2013
Dkota Day pink cameltoe
Claudia Adams 121 Pics

Updated May 8, 2013
Dkota Day pink cameltoe
Dakota Day 112 Pics

Updated April 29, 2013
Atheletic Amy Lee busting out in lingerie
Amy Lee 56 Pics

Updated April 19, 2013
Kristina Wood patriotic American Flag
Kristina 171 Pics

Updated April 12, 2013
Kristina Wood Miniskirt
Kristina 117 Pics

Updated April 2, 2013
Samantha Martinez Ass
Samantha 46 Pics

Updated Mar 23, 2013
Lesbian fucking
Lesbain Movie 20:06

Updated Mar 16, 2013
Natural Breast beauty Mariya
Mariya 56 Pics

Updated Mar 8, 2013
Blonde Julie Nympho
Julie 154 Pics

Updated Feb 28, 2013
Busty Amy Lee
Amy Lee 110 pics

Updated Feb 21, 2013
Teen tied up bondage
Shayler 95 pics

Updated Feb 14, 2013
Teen Julie at Phoenix Papago Park
Julie 118 pics

Updated Feb 7, 2013
Teen Brennan Anne springtime
Brennan Anne 33 pics

Updated Jan 30, 2013
biannca gonzalez
Riley Kribbs 43 pics

Updated Jan 16, 2013
Riley Kribbs lingerie
Riley Kribbs 475 pics

Updated Jan 9, 2013
Riley Kribbs lingerie
Riley Kribbs 161 pics

Updated Jan 2, 2013
Riley Kribbs freeones
Riley Kribbs 41 topless pics

Updated Dec 27, 2012
Ebony babe Monika
Monika 140 pics

Updated Dec 19, 2012
Jane Burgess Christmas Wood
Jane Burgess 115 pics

Updated Dec 5, 2012
Brandy Rose Busty black beauty
Brandy Rose pics

Updated Nov 28, 2012
Lola Fine Naked outdoors
Lola Fine 134 pics

Updated Nov 21, 2012
Riley Kribbs gettin crazy drunk
Riley Kribbs 151 Pics

Updated Nov 9, 2012
Crissy Moran and Teen Bryce in tub
Crissy Moran|Brennan Anne

Updated Oct 30, 2012
Happy Halloween from Kristina Wood
Kristina Wood 139 Pics
Updated Oct 17, 2012
Riley Kribbs Drunk Girl
Riley Kribbs Drunk 56 Pics
Updated Oct 3, 2012
Chrissy Moran Mirror
Chrissy Moran 158 Pics
Updated Sept 26, 2012
Sofia Love Boots
Sofia Love Pics
Added Sep 19, 2012
Ashleigh White Panties
Ashleigh Pics
Added Sep 12, 2012
Kristina Wood Mirror
Dakota Day Pics
Added Sep 5, 2012
Kristina Wood Mirror
Kristina Wood Pics
Added Aug 29, 2012
Kristina Wood Mirror
Kristina Wood Pics
Added Aug 22, 2012
Peyton naughty office girl
Peyton Pics
Added Aug 15, 2012
Dakota Day Masturbating Maid
Dakota Day Video
Added Aug 8, 2012
Crissy Moran Barbie Doll and Tits
Crissy Moran Pics
Added Aug 1, 2012
Michelle Monroe
Michelle Monroe Pics
Added July 25, 2012
Peyton Pics
Added July 19, 2012
Michelle Monroe
Anna Pics
Added July 12, 2012
Michelle Monroe
Peyton Pics
Added July 5, 2012
Michelle Monroe
Michelle Monroe Pics
Added June 28, 2012
Raven Ecstasy
Raven Ecstasy Pics
Added June 22, 2012
Kristina Wood
Kristina Wood Pics
Added June 16, 2012
Ashleigh asian tits
Kristina Wood Pics
Added June 9, 2012
Ashleigh asian tits
Ashleigh Pics
Added June 1, 2012
Shaeleigh red lingerie
Shaeleigh Pics
Added May 21, 2012
Lola Fine Pussy
Lola Fine Pics
Added May 16, 2012
Tayor Marion
Taylor Marion Pics
Added May 10, 2012
Sofia Love Freeones Update 3
Dakota Day Pics
Added May 6, 2012
Sofia love shows her pussy on the ledge
Sofia Love Pics
Added Apr 26, 2012
Sofia Love Freeones Update 3
Sofia Love Pics
Added Apr 20, 2012
Jane Burgess high flying cumshot
Jane Burgess Pics
Added Apr 16, 2012
Ebony Mimi Simone
Mimi Simone Pics
Added Apr 10, 2012
Teen Brennan Anne Explicit nude
Sofia Love Pics
Added Apr 6, 2012
Teen Brennan Anne Explicit nude
Brennan Anne Pics
Added Mar 30, 2012
Ashleigh sexy Asian
Ashleigh Pics
Added Mar 23, 2012
Sofia Love Jocelyn Price
Sofia Love Pics
Added Mar 16, 2012
Raven Ecstasy First Time
Raven Ecstasy Pics
Added Mar 12, 2012
Sofia Love Freeones Shirt
Shaeleigh Pics
Added Mar 7, 2012
Sofia Love Freeones Shirt
Sofia Love Pics
Added Feb 27, 2012
Lola Fine Tits
Riley Kribbs, Lola Fine, Sofia Love Video
Added Feb 22, 2012
Lola Fine Tits
Lola Fine Pics
Added Feb 17, 2012
Lola Fine Tits
Riley Kribbs Pics
Added Feb 12, 2012
Sioux Falls Hooters Paige Kelly
Paige Kelly Pics
Added Feb 6, 2012
Lola Fine Tits
Kristina Wood Pics
Added Feb 1, 2012
Lola Fine Tits
Lola Fine Pics
Added Jan 24, 2012
Paige Kell Video
Paige Kelly Video
Added Jan 19, 2012
Paige Kelly Stockings
Added Jan 14, 2012
paige kelly
Paige Kelly Nude
Added Jan 11, 2012
Amy Lee
Amy Lee Sexxxy
Added Jan 9, 2012
Kelli Taylor
Kelli Nicole Nude
Added Jan 3, 2012
Teen Bikini Cleavage Juli
Julie Red Bikini
Added Dec 26 2011
Shaeleigh Busty Beauty
Shaeleigh Black Lingerie
Added Dec 20 2011
Crissy Moran Christmas
Crissy Moran Classic Christmas Gallery
Added Dec 14 2011
Lindsay - sexy asian babe
Dakota Day and Raven Ecstasy Video
Added Dec 9 2011
Lindsay - sexy asian babe
Lindsay Gallery
Added Dec 4 2011
Shaeleigh and Riley Kribbs
Two Girls and a .. Tub
Added Nov30 2011
Michelle Monroe
Michelle Monroe Gallery
Added Nov 26 2011
Sofia Love
Sofia Love Gallery
Added Nov 22 2011
Kristina Wood
Kristina Wood Gallery
Added Nov19 2011
Crissy Moran
Oldie But Goodie Crissy Moran Gallery
Added Nov16 2011
Shaeliegh Gallery
Added Nov12 2011
Samantha Gallery
Added Nov9 2011
Lola Fine
Lola Fine Gallery
Added Nov5 2011
Paige Kelly
Paige Kelly Gallery
Added Oct 31 2011
Raven Ecstasy
Raven Ecstasy Gallery
Added Oct 28 2011
Jane Burgess
Jane Burgess Gallery
Added Oct 25 2011
Bryce Teen
Bryce Gallery
Added Oct 21 2011
Riley Kribbs lookout
Riley Kribbs Gallery
Added Oct 18 2011
Sofia Love Lola Fine and Riley Kribbs
Sofia, Lola and Riley Gallery
Added Oct 14 2011
Kristina Wood
Kristina Wood Gallery
Added Oct 11 2011
Paige Kelly
Paige Kelly Gallery
Added Oct 8 2011
Crystal Arnold
Crystal Arnold Gallery
Added Oct 5 2011
Lola Fine
Lola Fine Gallery
Added Oct 2 2011
Secret Gallery
Added Sept 28 2011
Dakota Day
Dakota Day Gallery
Added Sept 25 2011
Paige Kelly
Paige Kelly Gallery
Added Sept 21 2011
Samantha Drone
Samantha Drone Gallery
Added Sept 16 2011
Raven Ecstasy
Raven Ecstasy Gallery
Added Sept 11 2011
Kristina Wood
Kristina Wood Gallery
Added Sept 7 2011
Crystal Arnold
Crystal Arnold Gallery
Added Sep 1 2011
Sofia Love
Sofia Love Gallery
Added Aug 28 2011
Riley Kribbs Gallery
Riley Kribbs Gallery
Added Aug 26 2011
Natalia Gallery
Added Aug 23 2011
Kristina Wood Gallery
Added Aug 20 2011
Jane Burgess gallery
Jane Burgess Gallery
Added Aug 18 2011
Lola Fine
Lola Fine Gallery
Added Aug 14 2011
Dakota Day
Dakota Day Gallery
Added Aug 10 2011
Jane Burgess Video
Jane B Video
Added Aug 6 2011
Bella Starr Gallery
Bella Starr Gallery
Added Aug 3 2011
Mimi Gallery
Added Aug 1 2011
Lexee Gallery
Added July 29 2011
Michelle Monroe
Michelle Gallery
Added Jul 252011
Amber Gallery

Jessica Barbie
Ass Cheeks
96 Pictures
Rating: Nude
Jessica came to look for a webcam job, lets just say shes a better model than a web cam performer. Check the ass hanging out from her skirt.
ass cheeks jessica barbie crimson barbie
redhead tits

Kristina Wood
Mini Skirt 1
117 Pictures
Rating: Nude
Mini skirts. I love em. However, the 'mini' on this one Kristina is wearing out in public is very mini, like, almost not there mini. Shooting her she takes off her top, but the best part is her ass cheeks sticking out from the bottom of her skirt, what an unbelievable series of images; it leaves something to be desired... Maybe in the second part of the series.
kristina wood mirror lingerie
mirror pics
Pussy and ass

Amy Lee
96 Pictures
Rating: Topless
Amy Lee has the nicest Plus 2's, or more commonly known as Fake Tits. I'm not really a fan of fakes, but her breasts were nicely done, and perfecty fit in her outfits. Check her out in this pleather hotpant suit
Big tit Amy Lee big tit babe outdoors
busty amy lee
nip slip

Riley Kribbs
44 Pictures
Rating: Topless
Thanks to FreeOnes and their bikini for this outdoor shoot. Riley is out in the sun flaunting around in her short shorts and bikini, and stips off her top to reveal her cute perky teen tits.
free ones teen outdoor nude
riley kribbs freeones
rily kribbs tits

Riley Kribbs
Black Lingerie
63 Pictures
Rating: Lingerie
Riley is at is again, acting really fun, spunky and crazy in her one piece black lingerie. Enjoy her antics is her most recent update!
Riley Kribbs bathroom sex
teen ass

Jane Burgess
Christmas Wood
115 Pictures
Rating: Full Nude
Jane Got some new santa themed lingerie, and wanted to take some pics by the fire place, before she could get it lit, she ended up with a piece of thick wood between her legs!
Jane Burgess
christmas tits

Crissy Moran-Brennan Anne
Bathtime Love
86 Pictures
Rating: Full Nude Lesbian
Crissy and Brennan got together for a photoshoot, and after they were both done with their solo shots, they were a little sweaty. Now, Crissy is notorious for getting turned on during photo shoots, and this was Brennans first shoot, so a little shy. The end result is they got along just fine!
Crissy Moran and Brennan Anne girls kissing
big tit and small tit cuties
Crissy Moran gets pussy licked

Dakota Day
Blue Pool
128 Pictures
Rating: Bikini
Dakota Day has a new update here for your enjoyment. Even in Arizona the pool is starting to get a little bit cool as fall approaches, so we had to get a quick bunch of shoots in before its too frigid. The good thing is the cool water really perks up those nipples!
Tiny Bikini Dakota Day ass shot
sexy in pool
tiny tit packed in bikini

Kristina Wood
Mirror 1 and 2
219 Pictures
Rating: Graphic Nude
There are two parts to this photo set. Kristina is in her sexy white ass enhancing, 'boy shorts' which, I love! She poses in front of the mirror while stripping slowly out of her lingerie until she gets down to nothing at all, and shows us all her nice firm boobs and tight pussy.
kristina wood mirror lingerie
mirror pics
Pussy and ass

Office Girl
85 Pictures
Rating: Graphic Nude
Payton works in a nice office, ok, not really, but that is how the story goes. Anyhow, at work one day she was quite bored, so her cubicle mate asked to take some pics of her, at first just flashing panties and upskirt stuff, ended up Peyton found a dildo and rubbed out a good orgasm.
panties naughty office girl
office girl with dildo
teen tits

Dakota Day
Maid Masturbation Video
- 10:02 Min Video
Rating: Explicit Nude
Dakota had a hard day vacuuming the floor, so to relax she started stripping off her clothes, rubbing her perky tits and fingering her pussy. Some sloppy cam girl left a dildo near the couch so Dakota uses it to elicit and moaning, gratifying orgasm.
dakota day maid naughty maid
sexy pussy
tiny ass striptease

Crissy Moran
Barbie Doll Lesbian Play
- 139 Pictures
Rating: Explicit Nude
The lovely Crissy Moran, painting her toes and then takes some time to play Barbie doll in the hot tub.
toe crissy moran barbie doll
two perfect tits
barbie doll lesbian

Michelle Monroe Office Break

66 Pictures
Rating: Explicit Nude
Michelle is a hard worker, and when she needs a break she needs to relax, what better way to relax than a nice session masturbating and ending with a nice orgasm.
busty blonde dildos
pierced pussy

Peyton Blue Friend

127 Pictures
Rating: Graphic Nude
Like we said, Payton started out innocent enough, and by some respects, I suppose she still is, however, in this set you see her really come out of her shell and cram a blue dildo into her waiting wet snatch.
peyton fresh teen tits
dildo in teen pussy
teen tits

Anna Rocks

71 Pictures
Rating: Explicit Nude
Anna, Anna, Anna....sheesh. She contacted us on a model board, said she was going to be in the area, and upon meeting here we were impressed, pretty girl, huge boobs and a schoolgirl skirt to boot! Yes, we had high expectations, but the shoot she made the worst face in EVERY shot..like she was burning up on the rocks or something. Even with Jane Burgess giving her some posing pointers, it went in one ear and out the other. Oh well, shes hot and like to finger her ass hole.
fishnet top on rocks big tit babe
big tits

Peyton, First shoot Pink

115 Pictures
Rating: Explicit Nude
Cute innocent looking Payton came out of her shell very quickly. At first she was a little hesitant to pose and take her shirt off, but as you see inside the members area, she decides playing with a dildo IS all fun and games!
Payton model innocent teen
white panties
teen tits

Michelle Monroe

127 Pictures
Rating: Graphic Nude
Michelle Monroe has made a few hardcore movies, and it was a pleasure to work with here. She is up in the desert mountain and strips her tight shorts off to reveal her amazing firm ass, and continues to strip completely naked. If you like pierced pussy and tits, then she is your girl!
michelle monroe Big tits
pierced pussy
nice ass

Raven Ecstasy
Shower Time

139 Pictures
Rating: Graphic Nude
After a long day of shooting, Raven was all sweaty and hot, so she needed to wash up. This update she lathers on some soap in the nice warm water, rubs her pert nipples and spreads her ass and pussy for you.
raven ecstasy soapy tits
perky nipples
black teen pussy

Kristina Wood
Girl Gone Wild Pt2

107 Pictures
Rating: Graphic Nude
In part two, you would not know Kristina ever had a GGW shirt on, she has already stripped it off, and she climbs up on the railing overlooking a sheer cliff of about 300 feet, straddles it with her legs spread wide, holding herself up with only her sexy little feet, and of course, exposing her tight wet pussy.
kristina wood Perky tits
Kristina Wood spread
Kristina Woods pussy

Kristina Wood
Girl Gone Wild Pt1

90 Pictures
Rating: Full Nude
It was a very windy and quite warm day in Phoenix, but Kris really wanted to do something crazy, so she suggested we to to Phoenix South Mountain park get totally naked and get some pictures, in public! We were right above the Phoenix Police shooting range and you could hear the gunfire from the range below, but she had no concern about being cought
kristina wood daisy dukes
perky tits kristina wood
public nudity

Sofia Love
Cinco De Mayo -
81 Pictures
Rating: Explicit Nude
Sofia Love is Hispanic, Mexican heritige actually, and since I'm a mutt a prefer German and Irish drinking holidays, I'm gonna give a gift of Sofia and her super sexy Mexican can cans, and pussy and thick latin ass. This was a shoot on top of a mountain overlooking Phoenix, and it was windy, but she was a trooper and put on a good time. Now put down that tequila and come inside to see some authentic Mexican cooking!
Sofia Love Sexy latina
latina tits
nude latina

Brennan Anne
Blue -
40 Pictures
Rating: Explicit Nude
Brennan Anne is a cute little tiny tit shy blonde beauty we met in Mesa. She had never modeled before, but wanted to 'give it a try'. It took a little coaxing, but after she shyly removed her top we got her to open up a lot more, this update she got quite explicit, pulling her tight pussy lips wide so you can see all the pink in her.
Brennan Anne Teen Bryce
tiny teen
teen pussy

Riley Kribbs
Three Girls Video -
10:40 Min Video
Rating: Full Nude

Three girls playing in bikinis at South Mountain park in Phoenix, AZ behind the scenes of a photo shoot for DesertCuties.com Visit the site for the NSFW video. Riley Kribbs, Lola Fine and Sofia Love are featured in this amateur tit and porn preview. This is a low quality sample file, Safe For Work, if you want to share

Lola Fine
Leopard Lingerie 1
118 Pictures
Rating: Full Nude/Pussy
Im not sure what it is about animal print lingerie and bras, but Lola has the same love for leopard print as Riley Kribbs has, kinda weird. Anyhow, in this set Lola poses in her clavage reavealing lingerie by the fire place and shows us the bottom of her apple bottom ass, then moves to the side-bar and does a striptease to reveal her perfect firm and quite perky nippled tits. Part one of two updates.
lola fine lola fine desertcuties
lola fine tits desert cuties
onion booty

Riley Kribbs
Three Girls Video
10:40 Min Video
Rating: Full Nude
Riley Kribbs is 'on top of the world' in this video also featuring Lola Fine and Sofia Love. Not sure if she really almost fell, but Lola likes to smack Riley on the ass. Sort of funny.
deset cuties riley riley kribbs leaopard
 riley kribbs ass
three girls tits

Riley Kribbs ABC

95 Pictures
Rating: Full Nude
Hottie Newbie Riley gets a little goofy and frisy when out in public. So, we took her to a mountain in Phoenix and let her let off a little energy, and get naked. As you can see, it was a windy day. She has the cutest goofy giggle and nice pert tits and little nipples. Enjoy these! Thans to abc-celebs for the shirt!
abc-celebs riley kribbs leaopard
teen riley kribbs tits
crazy girl

Paige Kelly

Hooters-104 Pictures
Rating: Full Nude
Sioux Falls, SD used to have a Hooters, but closed for some reason, I do know some talented dipshit basketball player with a full ride to a university broke his legs by hanging them out a window, but thats not it, and I digress. Obviously, I have a Hooters outfit, and no place to work, (fuck, i Live in Arizona now) but need to use the outfit, so I had Paige Kelly put it on, and take it off. I like the uniforms but the girls usually look better out of the damn things than in them!!
hooters sexy girl
paige kellyl
hooters tits

Kristina Wood
Update: Football
Rating: Two Girls Topless
So, the super bowl is over, and now just need to finish winter before baseball comes back (thats right, I hate the fucking NBA) so, Kristina and I thought playing some Touch Titty Football could fill the gap. Check out the latest update of this hottie!
kristina wood tit touch football
two girls football
football tits

190 Pictures -
Rating: Erotic Bikini
I met Julie from a friend when I was working at Hooters in Arizona Center, and recently she contacted me and needed a little extra money and was interested in modeling, so we went to the Phoenix Zoo area on a nice sunny day (is there any other in Arizona?) anyhow got a bunch of starter bikini/erotic picutures out of her. She needs a little coaxing, but she is currently cocktailing at a local titty bar, and have convinced her to do some nude pictures, I Cant Wait! --Jane
Julie teen bikini
bikini sexy
non nude teen

Dakota Day
286 Pictures - 1 Videos
Rating: Hardcore Nude
Dakota is a psychology major, and she needs it. She is a crazy chick, and squealls every time she fingers her pussy or sticks a dildo in it. If you like spunky super skinny girls that love sex and showing off their body, Dakota is the chick for you.

97 Pictures - 1 Video
Rating: Full Nude
Lindsay is a transplant from Philly area, and went to school at NAU, but for her spending money she works in the Valley of the Sun as a part time dancer, I call them strippers, but 6 in one hand, half dozen in the other, same difference. She has a timid personality, until she gets her clothes off, then she has a voracious sexual appetite! Bon Apetite
college girl tiny tits
Lindsay P

360 Pictures - 2 Videos
Rating: Full Nude
Kristina is brand new addition to DesertCuties! This blonde beauty loves to strip fully down and show off every inch of her amazing body! You are going to love this sexy girl next door.

419 Pictures - 1 Video
Rating: Full Nude
Shaeleigh just finished her first photoshoot. She was a little shy at first but after a few clicks of the camera she opened up and had a great time. Wait untill she pulls out her dildo

Sofia Love
101 Pictures - 1 Videos
Rating: Full Nude
Sofia was born and rasied in Arizona, a hairdresser by day, she became a sexy sultry webcam girl and made a ton of money. Now she is a prostitute in New Jersey. As you can see she has a THICK latin ass!
Sofia Love
Latin Ass
sofia love public nudity hooker

Riley Kribbs
397 Pictures - 2 Videos
Rating: Full Nude
Riley Kribbs is a wild, barely 19 year old crazy babe who loves to have fun, giggle, fuck around and get naked. Just our type of girl!! You can find her on webcam often, you get tons of pictures of her here at DesertCuties.com

Michelle Monroe
419 Pictures - 5 Videos
Rating: Full Nude
Tattooed, Faked tits, piercings, horny, kick your ass, this chick as a hardcore attitude and gets dirty. We love Michelle soo much we'd love to marry her.

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